Outlook.PST File does Not Exist: Error Fixed!

While dealing and carrying out any process on Outlook, it is very much crucial for the user to take certain precautions. The user should be well aware of the unforeseen circumstances and the next steps to taken immediately if any error takes place in Outlook PST. But to some extent, many of us are not so vigilant and thus, we face certain Outlook errors in some course of time.


The most common type of Outlook PST file error that we encounter is the annoying message stating “The file does not exist”. This error window does not disappear until the user clicks on OK option. This kind of error is usually faced while opening the PST file and sometimes this also results due to corruption in the PST files. There are some other reasons that may cause this PST file error-

  • If the user has done any mistake during import of PST file to Outlook
  • Abrupt send/receive operation
  • Abrupt power failure
  • Saving of the PST file in the bad sector of the hard drive
  • Virus issues
  • Header corruption
  • Installation of faulty add-ins on Outlook
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook

However, these errors can be resolved by the following methods, such as:

  • Proper sending and receiving of PST files
  • Ensuring proper shut down of Outlook application
  • Installing genuine anti-virus software
  • Disabling the faulty add-ins on Outlook

By performing these precautions, one can easily fix Outlook.PST file does not exist error. But these methods work only to some extent and they cannot claim 100% guarantee of the repair of your corrupt PST file.

In the ideal case, the users are advised to make regular backups of all your data and include your pst-files in those backups. By doing this, you can restore the missing and corrupt pst-files to their original location. But in case you don’t have any recent backups, then try using Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe), a free utility provided by Microsoft. With this the users will be able to recover some or all of your data in a less span of time.

This utility will repair MS Outlook’s items like:

Messages, Inbox, Tasks, Contacts, Calendar, Journals, Sent Items, Deleted Items etc. But to some extent, this too also has some limitations like:

  • Cannot work when a virus severely attacks on a PST file
  • Cannot deal with complex corruption
  • Cannot deal with oversize PST
  • Can stop working in mid-phase

All these above stated limitations will let the user to opt for a more reputed and a trusted PST repair tool that will repair and recover lost or deleted PST files in just a few clicks. With a guarantee of dealing with any level of PST file corruption, Stellar Repair for Outlook is an application of choice.

This tool will search in-depth and fix the issue effortlessly. The easy-to-use graphical user interface will let the users easily navigate through the application with just a few clicks to complete the repair task. Moreover, this application can also effectively fix PST file that is corrupted due to any reason. The compatibility to be installed on all major operating systems of Windows and support to Outlook 2016 is an added advantage.

On an ending note, there is a piece of advice to avoid these kinds of startup errors if the user follows the following:

  • Always make a healthy backup of Outlook PST file on safe storage drive
  • Don’t shut down your computer forcefully
  • Close the MS Outlook application properly


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