Fixed: “Outlook 2013 doesn’t start”!

It is very often that the Outlook 2013 is not opening and you have received multiple errors. Due to these errors, your Outlook does not respond. There could be more than one reason for such types of issues, let’s discuss some most common ones are with their solutions:

Outdated Outlook Version

Firstly, before applying any troubleshooting method, you must check all the latest updates for your version of Outlook. At times, installing any optional or recommended updates can resolve the problem by replacing outdated files and fix the vulnerabilities. Therefore, always check the compatibility factor of your Outlook 2013 with the version of Windows. Make sure that you are using the latest Service Packs of your version of Windows, and if it is required then update it immediately.


You will get all the latest installs or update from Microsoft Updates for both Windows and Office. Also, make sure that you have Microsoft Update configured to check all the latest updates.

Outlook is Working for the Other Users on the Same PC

In case your computer has multiple user accounts, then you can check whether another user’s outlook account is working or not. In case you are a single user on your computer then you can create a new user to test the outlook working on that account.


If your outlook is not working for other users as well then it could be a faulty add-in issue or a damaged Outlook/Office installation issue. Then you have to check other solutions available in this write-up in order to resolve it. However, if only your account has such issue, then probably your PST file got corrupt, then look for a PST repair solution.

Add-in Issue.

At times, add-ins also can conflict with outlook, so try to disable add-ins for Outlook and then start it again. Now, check whether the problem is improved or still the same. To do this you have to run Outlook in safe mode, here are the steps to run it in different versions of Windows:

Run Outlook with the safe switch

Windows XP

Start-> Run; outlook.exe /safe

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Start-> type; outlook.exe /safe

Windows 8

Start Screen-> type; outlook.exe /safe


  1. If the issue is still the same, then go to File menu, click Options and then click ‘Add-ins’
  2. Choose COM Add-ins, and click ‘Go’
  3. Clear all the checkboxes in the list and click ‘OK’

Now, restart Outlook and if the problem resolves then enable one by one add-in and check whether which is causing the issue.

Oversized Mailbox

At times, a large mailbox is also a reason of Outlook crash while opening, as more than one resource, are required to open it. Usually, a large number of items in a single folder can cause performance issues in some operations. To resolve such issue you can move some items in a different folder or archive them using AutoArchive feature.


Steps to Create a New Folder

  • In the New group, go to the folder tab and select ‘New Folder
  • Type the name of the folder
  • Choose a location to save the folder
  • Now, this new folder becomes a sub folder in the list
  • Click ‘OK’

Manage your mailbox and reduce the size of your Outlook data files (OST and PST)

Corrupt Outlook Account

At times, complete office program repairing can resolve the Outlook issue. As this process automatically repair all the errors such as Outlook not responding, hanging, or freezing, etc.


  1. Here are the steps to do this
  2. Close the running MS Outlook program
  3. Go to Control Panel → ‘Add or Remove Programs’ or ‘Programs and Features’ (Depends upon the version of Windows)
  4. Go to the list of the program and right click on MS Outlook and select Repair


Antivirus program also creates problems with Outlook. You must check regularly whether your antivirus is fully updated or not as Outlook may not work properly with an older program.


  1. Check the status of your Anti-Virus program
  2. Check the configuration of your anti-virus program whether it is conflicting with Outlook

Corrupt or Damaged Data Files

The Outlook has an inbuilt Inbox repairing tool called scanpst.exe. This tool will resolve all your issues by scanning all the outlook files and run PST repair process. To use this tool you have to quit the Outlook and run scanpst.exe.


  1. Run the program scanpst.exe.
  2. Choose the file which you want to scan
  3. Specify the scanning options
  4. Click ‘Start’
  5. If errors are found start the repair session
  6. Click ‘Repair’
  7. Now to file the repaired files, go to the folder list, here you will get ‘Recovered Personal Folders‘ which contains Outlook folders or a Lost and Found folder.
  8. Now you can copy or drag all the items from the Lost and Found folder into the new data file.

Limitation: Scanpst.exe is an efficient tool, however, it can repair only small sized PST. If your PST size is very large and it is deeply corrupt then this inbuilt utility may not help you to retrieve your complete data. Therefore, it is always better not to use this tool to repair large sized PST.

Deep Corruption in Large Sized PST Files

All of these steps can help you to restart your Outlook, however at times, after restart, the PST files get corrupt because of Virus, any sudden interruption, another program conflict, etc. Thought, Outlook offers scanpst.exe tool to repair corrupt files but it is not successful for highly corrupt or large sized files. If you want your data back from a deeply corrupt or damaged file, the best way is to obtain professional tools. These tools are specially designed to repair deeply corrupt MS Outlook files.


Stellar Repair for Outlook Software is a popular and reliable tool to repair your deeply damaged PST files. You can run this product on your system and repair all the corrupt/damaged Outlook PST file, as well as recover all mail items. It restores all the content in a new PST file. This reliable tool supports the selective recovery of items and repairs over 2 GB PST files.


All the above techniques are enough to resolve your non-responding Outlook issue. You just have to identify the exact problem and apply the resolution accordingly. Make sure you are using the correct method according to your download pst repair

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