Manage Outlook 2007 PST file when corrupted due to size limitations

The size of PST file differs based on the Microsoft Outlook version. Further, on the basis of format, Outlook versions are categorized in two parts – ANSI and Unicode format. Outlook applications based on these two distinct formats have definite size limit that is maximum 2 GB for ANSI based PST file and 50 GB for Unicode based files which is for Outlook 2010. For Outlook 2007, the maximum size limit for PST file is 20 GB, so if you have crossed this limit then you will have to face the consequences of the PST size limitation.

However, you can use some other options like to temporarily increase the size of file, switch to a new version of Outlook etc. However, if the PST file gets damaged then a proficient tool to repair your corrupt Outlook PST file can help to get back to normal state. In order to understand this issue in a better way, lets consider one scenario which is applied on Outlook 2007. Suppose, a user is using his Outlook application and suddenly he start receiving errors like :

 Cannot Move The Items. The Folder is Full


 “PST file reached maximum size”

These errors point out towards the size limitation of the PST file which if ignored can lead to severe data loss. It is not impossible to deal with the PST file size issue, you can apply any of the below mentioned method.

 Options to manage PST file size limitation issue :

 1. Temporarily increase the size of PST file : By creating and setting the two DWORD values in registry, the size of PST file can be temporarily increased. In Outlook 2007, the path for registry is : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\PST. You will have to set two values – WarnLargeFileSize and MaxLargeFileSize. However, perform this method with care as any wrong changes to registry can cause damage to registry data.

2. Use higher version : As Outlook 2010 offers the large storage facility that is 50 GB, you can switch to this version. Outlook 2010 will also provide better performance.

It is well and good if your problem get resolved by applying any of the above two methods. But, if the result does not come as expected and your PST file gets damaged then it is better you use a tool which can repair damaged Outlook PST file.

For handling the issue of corruption in Outlook and to repair the file, you can evaluate a PST Repair tool from Stellar with its free download version. The software has all the features which repairs your PST file easily and makes it the most convenient and useful utility. You can even preview the results of this software and can recover selective emails also. In short, the software works as a complete suite for repairing corrupt file and makes your Outlook working again.