Advantages of Splitting PST File

As the time passes the number of emails, contacts, calendar entries, etc of your Outlook mailbox get increased. However, due to our busy schedule, we forget that the size of Outlook PST file increases eventually. Most of us take this issue seriously only when our Outlook starts losing its performance. The deteriorating performance of Outlook is a clear indication of oversized PST file.

A PST file is considered as oversized when it reaches to or crosses its pre-defined size limit. This size limit of Outlook PST file varies with the Outlook version, like Outlook 2003 and other early Outlook versions support PST files of size less than or 2GB. Whereas later versions of Outlook support PST files as large as 20GB, however even these versions start behaving abruptly when their PST files reach nearer to 10GB.

Since ignoring the sluggish behavior of Outlook can result in various serious issues like PST corruption, thus it is recommended to shrink the size of your PST file. For this you can use ‘Archive’ and ‘Move to Folder’ feature of Outlook to reduce the size of a large PST file, or split a large PST file to smaller PST files with the help of a professional PST file splitter. Splitting PST file not only gets back the performance of your PST file, but it also benefits you in many ways. Let us discuss top advantages that you gain, if you keep your PST file light by splitting it into multiple files:

Better Outlook Management: Most of the PST splitter tools provide different criteria to split large PST file. Like you can split your PST file by date, size, email id, etc. This provides you effective management of your Outlook as you have knowledge of locations of most of your emails.

Avoid Outlook Corruption: If your Outlook PST file crosses its predefined size limit, then it very likely gets corrupt. However, if you already have split your PST file, then there are no chances of its corruption.

Easy Email Searching: It is really very annoying to locate your desired email in a long list of emails. However, if you have multiple PST files instead of one large PST, then it is comparatively easy to retrieve a required email.

Regain Outlook Performance: Large sized Outlook PST files create performance issues in Outlook. But, if you have trimmed the size of PST file, then you will get back the original speed of your Outlook.

In this way, small PST files are advantageous in all aforementioned ways, and this all is possible only if you split your large PST file with an efficient PST file splitter software.