Stellar PST splitter tool splits large PST files into smaller ones to avoid PST corruption. The software is absolutely read-only and does not make any changes to the original PST file. Some of the major features of this PST splitter are as follows:
Avoids 2 GB PST corruption of Outlook by PST Splitter
Splits Large PST Files
The tool allows splitting of large-sized PST files into multiple small-sized PST files. Stellar PST Splitter software helps lower the chances of PST file corruption which is common in the case of oversized PST files. It conveniently splits PST file by ‘Add PST’ or ‘Drag & Drop’ function, and can easily locate PST files by using ‘Find PST’ function.
Splits multiple PSTs in Single Operation
Splits Multiple PSTs at One Go
Stellar PST file splitter is built-in with advanced algorithm which allows it to split several PST files at one go. The software can split PST files stored at different locations based ‘Split By Time’ and ‘Split By Size’ criteria. Overall, the ability to split multiple PSTs saves time and makes the process more efficient & convenient.
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Variety of Split Criteria
Multiple Options to Split PST
Stellar splitter for Outlook can split PST file based on Date Range, Output PST File Size, Email ID, and Folder. Amongst these splitting criteria, the ‘Folder’ option offers to split PST file based on specific folders, meaning, it allows splitting PST into individual PST files having specified folders. The latest v7.0 of the software can split PST file in sizes of 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, or 50 GB.
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Creates Batch files to Automate Splitting Process
Splits PST Files Automatically by Creating a Batch File
Stellar PST Splitter offers to create a batch file and save the users’ choices to split multiple PST files automatically in a seamless way. The batch file is comprised of details that are necessary to split PST files automatically based on the predefined criterion.
Splits files from Different locations
Splits Files Stored at Different Locations
PST Splitter can pick PST files stored at different locations including network attached hard devices, and carries out the splitting operation in an efficient manner. Key benefit of this capability is ‘centralized operation’ wherein user can split all PST files, irrespective of their location - across local and network connected devices.
Risk-free – Keeps original format intact
Risk-free - Keeps Original Format Intact
This PST splitter utility is completely read-only in its operations and keeps original formatting of HTML and RTF messages absolutely intact. Moreover, the software does not make any change to the original PST file and just splits it into individual files.
Generates Log of Operations
Generates Log of Operations
Creates and maintains a log report, comprising details of each splitting task for later reference. User can save the log report and use it for verifying the total number of items in original PST files vis-à-vis PST files received after splitting is completed.
EBoost Microsoft Outlook performance by minimizing PST's size volume
Boosts Performance & Manageability
The software splits large PST files into smaller PSTs that are easier to manage in terms of mailbox data size and type of information. Further, smaller PSTs also help in improving speed & performance of Outlook, and have lower chances of corruption.
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Processor: Pentium Class
MS Outlook: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
OS Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Memory: 2 GB Minimum (4 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 250 MB of Free space

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Que: Why there is a need to split an Outlook .pst file into multiple files?

Answer: As Outlook stores all the mails and other email components in a .pst file, gradually the size of the .pst file grows. In general, the PST file has a maximum permissible size limit. In MS Outlook 2002 and previous versions, the recommended maximum PST size is 2 GB.

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