Microsoft Outlook Express is a client side email application, first shipped with Internet Explorer 4.0. The application now comes with Windows 2000 and XP along with Internet Explorer 4.0 to 6.0. Outlook Express has been developed for the home users in need of reliable as well as quality Internet, E-Mail, and News group services.

Though the naming conventions are alike, there are many differences in between Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Unlike Outlook Express, the target users groups of MS Outlook are the business class users, who need more sophisticated email functionality with close integration of various tools for collaboration and information management. Apart from this, there are many differences in the mail storage architecture of both these applications.

MS Outlook stores all the emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries etc. inside PST files (.pst). Installed with default settings, all the mail folders and sub folders are stored in a single PST file with the name, 'Outlook.pst'. If the setting of MS Outlook has been modified, then the entire mail components are stored in a bunch of PST files at a defined location. However, the PST files are not organized with respect to the mail folders ('Inbox', 'Draft', 'Sent' etc.) and the names only match the root folders. Therefore, if any problem occurs with your 'Inbox' folder or it becomes inaccessible, you need to try recovering the .pst files related to the root folder in which mails of 'Inbox' folder are stored.

In case of Microsoft Outlook Express, it stores all your mails and other components in different DBX files. Unlike MS Outlook, Outlook Express creates individual .dbx files for each mailbox. For example, it creates Inbox.dbx file and stores all your mails in the 'Inbox' folder. Similarly, it creates Draft.dbx, Sent Items.dbx etc files and stores the corresponding data within them. Hence, if your 'Inbox' folder has been corrupted or inaccessible, you can select the 'Inbox.dbx' file and recover all your emails back.

Stellar Outlook Express Recovery software provides option to select individual .dbx file and recovers all your inaccessible mails from the corresponding mail folders in few easy steps. Below steps will give a clear idea about the recovery process:

How to recover a particular mail folder using Stellar DBX Recovery software:
  • Double click the software icon and run Stellar Outlook Express recovery. If you know the location of the required DBX file, click 'Select DBX' and choose the .dbx file from its location. If you do not know the exact location of the DBX file, click 'Find DBX' and search for all the DBX files in the system or in any particular drive.

    Note: The needed DBX file will have name of the mail folder, you want to recover.
    For Example – All the contents of the 'Inbox' folder is stored inside a DBX file, 'Inbox.dbx'.

  • After selecting the required .dbx file (The path of the file will be shown in the text box for Select DBX File on the main interface), click 'Start Recovery'.
  • The software gives a confirmation message after successful recovery. Click the 'Save DBX File' icon on the menu bar of the software.
  • The 'Save File' window opens. Choose the destination path and the required file type (DBX or EML) to save the recovered file.

    Note: The DBX file can be imported into Microsoft Outlook Express and will be ready for use, where as you can directly view the EML file with Outlook Express Email program.

  • In order to convert WAB File, Select Convert WAB to PST from the software's main Interface.
  • A message box opens indicating, successful saving of repaired DBX files. Click 'OK' to close the dialog box and finish.

With this advanced DBX recovery utility, you can also select multiple .dbx files at a time and recover all the mail components in those folders. Stellar Outlook Express Recovery is completely reliable and with innovative recovery techniques, successfully recovers all your seemingly lost mails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes etc. from different Outlook Express folders.

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This product becomes a boon for organizations which are relying on Windows XP environment. After ending support of Microsoft, we have no reason to think about issues related Outlook Express.
Thanks to Stellar who truly understand the need of Outlook Express lovers.


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