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An immensely helpful duplicate remover methodology to find out all the duplicate mail items and performs the customized action on infected mailbox or PST folder. The utility significantly reduces the size of the Outlook PST file and thereby decreases the chances of corruption.


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Efficient Duplicate Email Remover:


The software efficiently locates all the duplicate copies of emails from your Outlook mail folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items folder etc.) and performs the specified action on them.

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Installs as an 'Add In' in Outlook Tool bar:


After installation, Stellar Phoenix Outlook Duplicate Remover appears as an Add-In icon on the Outlook tool bar. This feature of the software provides an ease of usage by giving the opportunity to run the software from within your MS Outlook application.


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Removes Outlook Duplicates from Multiple Mailboxes:


Removes duplicate mails from multiple mailboxes simultaneously. The software allows you to select any number of mailboxes from your MS Outlook application and remove all the existing duplicate emails.


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Removes Duplicate Mails based on the Defined Time Span:


Scans the mailboxes and lists all the duplicate emails, falling within the specified time span. The software finds out duplicate mails based on various time-range, including 'Last Day', 'Last 2 days', 'Last 5 days', 'Last 10 days', 'Last 20 days', 'Last 30 days', 'Last 50 days', Last 75 days', 'Last 100 days', 'Last year', 'Anytime' etc.


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Vast Range of Scan Criteria:


The software provides a wide range of scan criteria, with which you can scan the selected mailboxes and identify the required duplicate emails. The range of scan criteria, provided by the software include - 'Text', 'Subject', 'Sender Email', 'Sender Name', 'Recipient Name', 'Internet Header', 'Attachment Files', 'Date and Time of Sending'.


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Customized Actions on Duplicate Emails:


The software provides options to specify an action on the duplicate emails found from the selected Outlook mailboxes. The list of personalized actions, which you can perform on the duplicate emails include - 'Mark as Expired', 'Delete (move to Deleted Items folder)', 'Copy to folder', 'Delete permanently', 'Move to folder' and 'Mark with the flag'.


Generates Log Report of the Entire Process-icon



Generates Log Report of the Entire Process:


Generates detailed Log Report of the entire process, which can be used for any future reference. The Log Report stores various information regarding the Name of the mail folder, Number of duplicate mails found from the folder, and Total number of duplicate mails found etc.


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Simple and User-Friendly User Interfaces:


With simple and highly interactive graphical user interfaces, Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover provides a user-friendly platform to remove unwanted duplicate Outlook mails, without any further assistance.


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