How to remove duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook stores all your mail items (Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Entries etc.) in a PST file and with every new email transaction, the size of the PST file grows. Depending upon the Outlook version, the PST file has a maximum permissible size limit and if the PST size exceeds beyond this limit, chances are there that it may get corrupt. A corrupt PST means, you cannot access any of your mail items from your Outlook mailbox. Hence, Outlook users are always advised to keep removing unwanted mails in their mailboxes from time to time.

Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover is an immensely useful utility in this regard that helps in identifying and removing Outlook duplicate emails, based upon your specified 'Scan Criteria' as well as 'Time Span'. Below screen shots will give you an idea about the working of the software:

How to remove Outlook duplicate emails

Run Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover utility by clicking the software icon on the tool bar of your MS Outlook application. The 'Folder List' window opens as in the below screen shot. Choose the mail folders, from which you want to find the duplicate emails and click 'Next'.
Outlook Duplicate Remover - icon

Another window opens to choose the 'Time Span', 'Comparison Criteria' and 'Action' as in the below screen shot. Select the ones, as per your requirement and click the button, 'Run Process'.
Outlook Duplicate Remover - icon

The scanning process starts and you can see the progress bar, along with the total number of duplicate emails found.
Outlook Duplicate Remover - icon

On completion of the process, a process completed message box is displayed, as in the below screen shot. Click 'OK' to close.
Outlook Duplicate Remover - icon

Click on the 'Save Log' button on the bottom right corner to save the details of the entire process for any future reference.
Outlook Duplicate Remover - icon

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