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This is an advanced utility that can efficiently compact large sized PST files, by extracting the attachments into a separate folder on the system hard drive. Some of the prominent features of this PST compacting utility are as below:


OST and PST File Compaction-icon


OST and PST File Compaction


Stellar Compaction PST tool compresses the over-sized OST as well as PST files into manageable size by systematically separating the attachments into a different folder.


Attachments Extraction, Preserving the Link-icon


Attachments Extraction, Preserving the Link


Extracts the attachments to a separate folder, thus significantly compacts the corresponding PST file to a smaller overall size. The link to the attachments remains intact and you can access them as before.


Compaction of Outgoing/Incoming Mails-icon



Compaction of Outgoing/Incoming Mails


Provides various options to set preferences, so that the software will automatically pick and compact your Incoming or Outgoing mails. The software stores the compressed mails at the location specified by you.

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Customized PST Compaction of Specific Folders-icon


Customized PST Compaction of Specific Folders


Customize the compaction operation by choosing specific folders and the compact utility will perform the operation only on the selected folders.


Outlook Add In-icon


Appears in Outlook as an Add In


After successful installation, it appears as an Add In utility in the Outlook application. The software tagging with Outlook and without any desktop or shortcut icon is quite handy to use.


Filter to Extract Attachments of Required File Types-icon


Filter to Extract Attachments of Required File Types


Provides filter option to add file types in the 'Excluded Extensions', so that those file types will be filtered out and you can extract only the attachments of the required file types.


Schedule the Compaction Process-icon


Schedule the Compaction Process


The software provides option to set a schedule for compacting PST files at any particular Date and Time. You can schedule the software to run on every Outlook start-up or at a specific time of a specified day of the week.


Change Path of Extracted Attachments Folder-icon


Change Path of Extracted Attachments Folder


In case, the drive containing the Attachments Folder is about to full, you can change the location of the folder. The software automatically updates interlinks between the mails and their related attachments.


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